Release Notes

The PROLIN RQuest Release Notes describes resolved issues per release as well as known issues in the current release. Release notes are shown here for both RQuest as well as TPSI.


Version Release Date January 8, 2021 9:02 January 6, 2021 12:05 December 17, 2020 11:12 November 23, 2020 20:17 September 3, 2020 16:16 July 16, 2020 15:39 "Banshee" M7 January 6, 2020 11:55 "Banshee" M5 July 2, 2019 11:55 (“Banshee” M4) April 30, 2019 14:54

The lists below gives an overview of the most important resolved issues and newly added functionality of this release.

  • Fixed Sending a new conversation message no longer works.

  • Fixed Drop down value not shown in form preview until the revision is published.
  • Fixed Search does not work in a field with type LookUpBox.
  • Fixed Field with type LookUpBox with a large amount of records only show the first 50.

  • Fixed Sometimes the attachment is not shown.
  • Fixed Downloaded data from Smart Suite not shown when opening a request twice.
  • New Only a single click is necessary to open a request instead of double click.
  • New If service call is closed in Smart Suite, the linked request gets status Completed and text will be greyed out and strike-through.

  • New Calculated fields
  • New Workflow core functionality
  • New Large technical “under the hood” upgrades

  • New Extended Agent Metrics
  • New Default value for fields.

  • New The place to define a datasource for a field is now on template/properties level.
  • New Form preview button in the forms designer. This shows the form that you are designing. You can use all the fields as they are live. When pressing the “Test submit” button you’ll see the data that would be saved.
  • New New field type “Label” for displaying permanent text in forms. You can add a field in the forms designer and give it the editor type “Label”. You will then get a text field where you can enter the text you want to display on the form.
  • New Tooltip help - this can be defined by entering text in the description field with a property in a template. When the focus is set on the field (no hover over) the tooltip shows.
  • New Agent diagnostics. Send a ping to the agent to get info about the agent. "Banshee" M7

  • New All requests list - An admin function to look at and search in the complete list of requests. Requests can be deleted here.
  • New Select data sources - Possibility to select from a list of available data sources when defining a field with editor type “LookupBox, TagBox or DropDownListBox” for a template revision in the admin service. "Banshee" M5

  • Fixed: Sometimes values of fields with type LookupBox, DropDownListBox or TagBox is not shown (correctly) when re-opening a request form.
  • New: Server logs per application instance.
  • New: Changed handling of attachments with requests.


Version Release Date
1.3.1 January, 2021
1.3 December, 2020
1.2 November 12, 2020
1.1 October 26, 2020
1.0 November 23, 2019

The lists below gives an overview of the most important resolved issues and newly added functionality of this release.


  • Fixed TPSI-1744 Bug incoming rejecting conversation messages
  • Fixed TPSI-1745 Bug incoming requests with char(10) or \r fail to be processed


  • Fixed Bug starting RTRA Server when Smart Suite Application message is empty
  • New Exclude fields in the RFRA Server from being passed to Smart Suite


  • New Renaming to align with REQUEST and as message topic name


  • New Support for special characters


  • New Base version