Product Planning

This page describes future functionality. The overview gives a description and a short summary of the function. It also explains in what state the function is.

In Development We are developing this function at this moment. It will be released as soon as it is finalized.
Planned This function is on the list to be developed as soon as we have development time for it (e.g. when another function is finished).
On Hold This is used for functions that were previously on “In Development” or “Planned” but for some reason we needed to stop development for it or removed it (temporarily) from the planned list.
Parking Lot These are functions that are candidate for us to work on for a future release but have not been planned in.
Feature Summary Status
Assessment Possibility to add an approval process to a template. This is a very large piece of functionality and will therefor probably created in a few smaller steps each adding more functionality. Planned
Dynamic Data Sources Possibility to point a Data Source to a data provider (e.g. a table in a database). Parking Lot