RQuest Admin Setup Wizard

After the customer specific URL has been set up by PROLIN the customer can start setting up RQuest for use in their environment.

The first thing that needs to be done is for the administrator to login for the first time and run the admin setup wizard.

The administrator goes to admin section of the environment that has been setup by PROLIN ([URL]/admin) and signs in with the default admin username and password (this password will be changed during the setup wizard).

Username: admin
Password: RQuestAdmin_1234!

The system recognises that this is the first time anyone signs in on this environment and shows the welcome screen:

Click the Next button to proceed to the next screen:

Here you have to fill in the email address that will be used by the administrator of RQuest.

Click the Next button to proceed.

An email will now be sent to the email address that was just provided and you will now see the following screen:

In the email that was sent is a link that will confirm the admin's email address. After clicking the link in the email a browser page is opened showing the following screen:

You can now go back to the browser page where you are running the wizard and click the Next button.

You are now asked to change the admin account's password. You need to fill in the old password and then provide a new one and fill that in twice.

Click the Next button to proceed to the next screen:

The admin setup wizard is now completed. Click the Finish button to finish. You will be logged out and return to the login page. There you can login as the admin user using the new password you have just entered.